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VeboLife is a 16-hour training program scientifically proven to stimulate activity and grey matter in the hippocampus. The program not only stimulates growth in this vital brain area, but has also been shown to increase growth throughout the rest of the brain, which helps explain why it is so important for healthy cognition. 

This program is easy to download and use. Just 2 hours a week can help increase grey matter in the hippocampus! Previous studies have shown that less grey matter in the hippocampus, in combination with genetic and experience risk factors, is associated with an increased risk of developing disorders like Alzheimer's Disease, PTSD, schizophrenia, and depression. A larger hippocampus is associated with healthy cognition at all ages.

Is VeboLife for me?

The VeboLife program was scientifically proven to be effective at stimulating the hippocampus in healthy older adults including healthy adults at risk for Alzheimer's disease. However, research shows that the hippocampus begins to deteriorate up to 25 years prior to the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease when people have reached 40 years of age. This means that people with a family history of Alzheimer's disease should stimulate their hippocampus as early as possible. Serious deterioration of the hippocampus occurs prior to the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease and it is unknown whether the damage to the hippocampus can be reversed once the disease was diagnosed. Patients with Schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, ADHD, depression, traumatic brain injury, some patients with addictions, obsessive compulsive disorders & Parkinson's disease, also have a reduction in the size of the hippocampus and may benefit from this program however, this was not yet tested experimentally.

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Vebocognition Course

Follow the 4 pillars to healthy cognition associated with a healthy hippocampus plan. All information in this course is based on scientific research. Remember that old habits die hard and new ones come with practice!


Cognitive Maps

Cognitive Mapping

Get your hippocampus brain cells to communicate together

  • Minimize use of GPS.

  • Form a mental map of your environment.

  • Encourage the use of a spatial strategy by learning relationships between points of interest in your environment.




Avoid straining your hippocampus

  • Meditate & do deep breathing exercises.

  • Be mindful of your body in general.

  • Get sufficient sleep.







Reduce inflammation in your body & brain

  • Follow the Mediterranean Diet.

  • Eat plenty of vegetables, nuts, legumes (lentils, split peas, chickpeas, beans) & olive oil.

  • Include flax seeds, chia or fish for Omega 3 oils.

  • Limit your consumption of animal products to 4 days/week.



Strengthen your hippocampus

  • Walk the equivalent of 30 min/day, 5 times/week.

  • Take dance lessons with friends & socialize.


Is VeboCognition for me?

The VeboCognition course is designed for adults who are healthy, live autonomously and wish to learn how they can integrate the 4 pillars to healthy cognition associated with a healthy hippocampus into their lives.

Learn how to integrate the 4 pillars into your daily life

Currently accepting participants in MONTREAL only. Use the form below to sign up for the waiting list and to receive more details on the upcoming course!

VeboSpa Package:

Take advantage of our special package! We offer VeboLife Software combined with the VeboCognition course.

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